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  • 1Improving the human resource strategy, cultivating the core competitiveness of enterprises.

    Talents, especially the high-end, scarce inter-disciplinary ones, are the strategic resources of this company. Human resources strategy is an important part of the overall corporate strategy, and the rational and scientific human resources strategy is conducive to enterprise development strategy goals. The key to form the core competitiveness of enterprises is to improve the level of human resource management. The fundamental reflection and work purpose of human resource management is people-centric. By soul contract, we can make the employees concern about the fate of their own enterprise, and motivate their innovation and release passion for work. Therefore, they will always want to go to the new business combinations to win the competition in the market, thereby strengthening their core competitiveness and competitive advantage, and continuing to bring the most significant economic benefits.

  • 2Applying the competency model to recruitment and selection, and building a soul contract.

    In the selection, we examine candidates not only the knowledge, skills, experience and other indicators, but also values, engagement and other indicators, thus improving the cultural identity of the appointee for the enterprise。 By developing a targeted and structured interview exam bank and setting valid questions, we can improve the rate of successful recruitment。 In addition, by means of the competency model, we can convey system information of core competencies between enterprises and employees, and deliver expectations and culture of our corporate。 By a clear assessment of the effects of the recruitment and appoointment, we can guide staff to choose their own development path, and then develop career development plans according to their characteristics。 We believe that only in the personnel selection we pay attention to the personality traits and motives needs of the staff, only those people who have personality traits and motives consistence with corporate philosophy and corporate mission, can establish a labor contract and soul contract with the enterprise as the double bond partnership。 And then these employees would be fully motivated, and have persistent fighting spirit, so that they can implement the company's core values and common vision into their daily behavior process, and create a superior organization。

  • 3Innovate personnel training system, and create high-quality talent echelon

    To accelerate to foster innovation and high-level professional technical personnel team.

    this company gradually perfects the layered and multi-channel creating training system of innovative talents. So we should take the improvement of the capability of independent innovation as the core, and the young outstanding talents as the focal point, and focusing on key areas to cultivate relationships to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, develop the cutting-edge core technology, with independent intellectual property rights of innovative talents as the goal, to perfect the selection and evaluation tools, optimize team structure, improved training methods , taking a major technological innovation, a major S&T projects and the implementation of innovative projects focused on innovative training with a combination of, gathering resources for innovation , innovation activation energy, get rid of seniority, the culture and the use of organic combine to create conducive to the mechanism of outstanding young creative talents come to the

    Within the enterprise, we should strengthen the skills development of the core staff, and through the establishment of career planning, set up a reserve personnel echelon.

    During the implementation of personnel training plan, the company should pay attention to individualized training, speed up the training for the talents shortage, focus on training development potential reserve personnel, place priority to the training of management and technical personnel, and comprehensively train young talents。 In terms of high-quality personnel training, we adhere to the policy of "Internal and external exchange" strategy , and actively build enterprise high-quality talent echelon that achieve the sustainable development of the company。

  • 4Constructing a salary incentive system based on post value, performance and personal ability

    A perfect salary system is based on the position, highlights the skills elements and advocates the concept of performance-oriented salary management. On the basis of job wage, we should define job responsibilities and skill requirements, and implement a post fixed salary and variable salary with the post. The job wage is designed mainly by differences between jobs, and also by differences of the ability and attitude.
    This company implements the broadband salary management mode, making the floating range larger in the salary grade, so that outstanding employees due to the excellent performance can get higher returns in any position, thus motivating them to strengthen individual performance, and make employees pay more attention to the improvement of individual ability than to the post value.
  • 5Advocating performance-oriented incentive mechanism and various talents evaluation mechanism

    Through the performance management, the company forms performance-oriented incentive mechanism. Then, we motivate employees to work harder; encourage them to develop their own potential, enhance their job satisfaction, and strengthen team cohesion. By constant communication and exchange of work, we can develop a constructive and open relationship between employees and managers, so as to provide employees opportunity to express the aspirations and expectations of their work to improve team performance.

    We can take the evaluation and examination system for innovative talents as the standard for personnel selection and use. On the basis of full appraisals, we should as soon as possible build a scientific, rational and practical talent evaluation system and evaluation mechanism; and setup the evaluation standard, methodology of all kinds of human resources. The basic standard is that any staff should meet the requirement of the position. The advanced standard will be evaluated by one's morality, ability and business performance. To improve talent evaluation methods and widen channels of talent evaluation, we should combine the evaluation of talent and finding talent, using the scientific personnel evaluation standards to find all types of people timely and accurately.

  • 6Emphasis on corporate culture, and building of a harmonious employee relations

    "Based on the corporate culture concept of “People oriented and harmonious win-win, we emphasize that "Employees are the greatest assets", “Employees are the most dynamic, initiative and creative elements in any organization”, and are the first decisive resources for the enterprise to exist and develop.
    Our company emphasizes human and humanization management mode to build a harmonious relations among employees. Relying on communicating with each other, we can control, motivate and coordinate staff effectively and respect their value, and realize the win-win of enterprise and employees. Through the corporate culture, we can integrate employees to form cultural complex, strengthen the heart contracts, and work towards the same direction, thus increasing their loyalty to and sense of belonging to the enterprise , improving their motivation and responsibility, which enable the enterprise to retain talents and improve productivity and organizational performance, so that we can foster long-term core competitiveness, and make our enterprise keep in an invincible position in the industry.

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