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  Shanghai Electric Hydraulics & Pneumatics Co., Ltd. (SEHPC)is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. (a listed company in Shanghai Stock Exchange) under the unified management of Shanghai Electric Group. SEHPC, originally as a quality assets, belonged to Shanghai Hydraulic Pneumatic Corporation which started manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic products earlier in China, and then in 2003 was restructed to form the limited liability company, an  independent corporation, integrating production, trade and investment in one entity. Our business mainly includes trading, manufacturing and selling own products, and investment and management etc. Besides, SEHPC cooperates in production with the invested enterprises, and serve the high- and medium-end hydraulic products market.



  Over the years, SEHPC has always been in a leading position in the domestic counterparts. In particular, Danfoss Shanghai Hydraulic Transmission Co., Ltd(former Sauer-Shanghai Hydraulic Transmission Co., Ltd), Shanghai Nabtesco Hydraulic Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Nabtesco Hydraulic Co., Ltd., all of which are invested and set up by SEHPC, their products reach the first-class level in the world and occupy a leading position in China. In the high-end hydraulic markets of engineering and construction machinery, our products are well praised by most users. For instance, Shanghai Anest Iwata Coating Machinery Co., Ltd., invested partlly by SEHPC.specializes in spray gun, paint bucket, etc, in the pneumatic field, with its technology and products in an advanced position in the world. Now, oblique axis pump and motor products are wholly owned production, whose long history and product quality has been trusted by middle-end users; and complete sets of hydraulic products have become the important supporting supplies within Shanghai Electric Group. The latest introduced gearboxes used for cement mixer are budding. In addition, importing and exporting business of SEHPC, thanks to the company's good reputation and assistance of investment companies, have been fully recognized by the majority of users.

  SEHPC has passed the certifications of ISO9001-2000 Quality Control System, ISO14001-2004 Environment Control System and OHSAS18001-1999 Occupational health and safety management system, and been named “Machinery industry management model enterprise”, “Machinery industry management standardization standard enterprise” and “High-tech enterprises in Shanghai”. What’s more, SEHPC has a staff team whose leader is Mr. Bin Li, the country's intelligent labor model, who has become a model and an outstanding representative for the new generation of industrial workers.


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