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Li Bin Technology Center

Li Bin technology center under Shanghai Electric Hydraulics and Pneumatics Co., Ltd. (SEHPC) is an enterprise technology center named by famous model worker Li Bin, and in 2009, was recognized as Shanghai municipal enterprise technology center. This technology center has an excellent R & D team, affiliated with a number of core sectors, including product R&D, key technology research, pilot workshop and test research. R&D Sector uses advanced analysis and design software, to develop and design complete sets of pumps, motors and systems to meet the requirements of various operation conditions, and have excellent processing and verification equipment.

1Main achievements and honors won by Li Bin technology center in recent years.

The Pilot Workshop was named "Workers Vanguard" group in 2008 by the National Federation of Trade Unions in 2008, and "Workers Vanguard" group of National Machinery Metallurgical Construction System in 2012, and achieved the title of national-level and the Shanghai municipal-level skillful masters studio; R & D Sector was named the Shanghai Electric Group "Li Bin-type Group" in 2001.


In 2009, the R & D projects undertook by Li Bin Technology Center was recognized as Minhang “Small Military” technology enterprise project and the Shanghai S&T “Little Giant” (nurture) project by Shanghai Minhang District S&T Committee and Shanghai S&T Committee; in 2011, the R & D projects of Li Bin Center was identified as the Shanghai “Little Giant” project by the Shanghai S&T Commission.

In 2009, the achievements of the S&T research project -- “Key localization technology of high pressure axial piston pump / motor” assumed by Li Bin Technology Center was awarded the first prize for technological progress by the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology. Then in 2010, that project achievements was awarded second prize of progress of national science and technology by the State Council. In addition, in 2011, the project of “A6V Cline variable piston motor” by the Center was recognized as “National Torch Program projects” by the national Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2012, A2F6.1 oblique axis pump developed by the Center was recognized as “National new key product” by the national Ministry of Science and Technology.

By the end of 2012, Li Bin technology center has already applied a total of 98 patents, including 49 invention patents and 49 utility model patents。 Among them, 61 patent license were authorized, of which there are 13 invention patents and 48 utility model patents。 The center has transferred 9 patents, including 1 invention patent and 8 utility model patents。

2The key processing equipment and key testing equipment

The key processing equipment

The pilot workshop of Li Bin technology center possesses many international advanced equipment, such as MORI SEIKI NH6300DCG Ⅱ high-precision horizontal machining center, MORI SEIKI NMU5000DCG five-axis vertical machining center and IKEGAI TUR15Y CNC turning centers ,which can make precision machining for the key parts of pumps or motors。

Main testing equipment

Full performance hydraulic pump motor test bed: Its test power is up to 300KW, with a test flow over 1000L/min and a test pressure over 35MPa。 The test rotation speed is as high as 2000rpm。 Its converter technique realizes the step-less speed change and the test bed can perform the full performance test of hydraulic pumps and motors。 Furthermore, the bed can also effectively test various forms of parameters, such as pressure control, flow control, servo control, proportional control, etc。 The test bed reaches the domestic leading level。


High-speed high-pressure hydraulic pump/motor test bed: The test power is up to 200KW, with a test flow over 250L/min and test pressure over 45MPa. The rotation speed is as high as 6000rpm. The test bed employs frequency control and computer real-time detection analysis. It can full-automatically perform whole performance test of the pumps under high speed and high pressure conditions, reaching the international advanced level.


Military project test bed: The bed is used to perform the full performance test of military products。 The test flow is 250L/min。 The test pressure is 35MPa。 The rotation speed is 1500rpm。 The bed has hydraulic cylinder simulation loading and full-automatic computer process control。


Full performance hydraulic servo valve test bed: The test flow is over 200L/min。 The test pressure is over 35MPa。 The bed can test all static technical indexes of hydraulic servo valves and meet all kinds of requirements。 The experiment system adopts the underlying-cured process control, with the features of high precision, high frequency response and multi-channel immediate test data collection, reaching the domestic leading level。


Hydraulic system simulation test bed: The bed is equipped with a hydraulic actuator and can simulate the loading test according to the requirements of hydraulic systems. It can realize the simulation process control over hydraulic systems and simulate the machine income movement based on the system output and the actual. It can simulate the loading process of hydraulic actuators. The actuators in test can realize closed loop servo control. The test bed reaches the international advanced level.

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