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Employee training

Training is a long-term investment in the enterprise, the largest potential for development, and the biggest benefit of employees. According to the "Talent development strategy planning" of our company, around the goal of "structural adjustment", "Optimization of the team" and "enhancement of the competitive advantage of human resources,", under the leadership at all levels, we attach great importance to the company training based on the status of the corporate human resources, training needs extensive collection of various departments, and strive to develop training channels, increase investment and training efforts, targeted staff training on average more than 600 people each year.

We pay more attention to the practical operation of training, by changing single training seminars to a variety of training methods, such as production simulation training, the knowledge competition and rotation of jobs, etc., which can enhance the practicality and effectiveness of training and improve the quality and capability of the staff, but also adapt to the dynamic corporate needs to the talents in the development process.

Employee activity

The company has always paid great attention to extracurricular activities of employees, and care about the lives of the workers. Through a variety of inter-organizational activities of employee groups, we can not only unite workers, improve their quality, and cultivate sentiments of workers, encourage workers spirit, enhance mutual communication and understanding, strengthen the sense of unity and cooperation among employees, but also enrich the leisure life.

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