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Shanghai Electric Hydraulics and Pneumatics Co., Ltd Hydraulic Pump Factory

SEHPC Hydraulic Pump Factory, whose predecessor is Shanghai Hydraulic Pump Factory, was established in 1994, and is the largest professional manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and motors in Shanghai, and also the backbone of the domestic hydraulic industry.

The main products of our factory are A2F Series Bent axial piston pump / motor, AV6 Series Bent axial piston pump / motor, ZM series swash plate axial piston pump / motor, etc., of which the A2F/6.1, A6V/6.0 and A6V/63 series were introduced from Germany Rexroth * Hydromatic Company in 1980s, and developed on the basis of A2F1 ~ 5 series, reaching the international advanced level the Cline quantitative pump / motor and bidirectional variable pump / motor – products on the license manufacturing technology.

In recent years, on the basis of the original production techniques, our factory has developed by exploring nearly 50 models and specifications of new products, such as A6V28, A6V55, A6V80, A6V107, A6V160, A6V200, A6V250。 Meanwhile the factory has introduced key components, key processes of CNC automated equipment and machining centers, and repeatedly sent engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers to the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and other places to carry out technical surveys and training。 Now the factory has hundreds of all kinds of CNC machining centers and sets of equipment, of which the five-axis machining centers, Axis machining centers, turning centers, milling uneven surfaces and other advanced equipment have further enhanced the precision of key parts。


Our products are widely used in hydraulic systems of engineering machinery, railway, shipbuilding, coal mine and others, and have been repeatedly awarded as “Customer satisfaction product”, “Famous, excellent and new mechanical and electrical products”, “Shanghai famous brand”, “Famous trademark in Shanghai”, “China machinery Industry Quality Award”, “China machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, First Prize”, “National Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Prize”, etc, by People's Republic of China National Defense Science and Technology Industry Council, National Science and Technology Progress Award Committee, People's Liberation Army National Defense Science and Technology Commission, First Ministry of Machinery Industry, Ministry of machinery Industry, National Science Conference, Shanghai Municipal People's Government and others. The factory has passed the management system certifications of GB / T 19001, GB/T24001, GB/T28001, and been awarded the National Advanced Enterprise Performance Excellence Model Ministry of Machinery Industry, Quality and efficiency of advanced enterprise, Civilized units and High-tech enterprises in Shanghai by People's Government of Shanghai and National Machinery Industry.


Aiming to "replace imported hydraulic components", by establishing a sound quality management system, this factory strives to ensure that quality control over the whole processes, such as the procurement, manufacturing, sales, quality traceability, and to break through the bottlenecks in key processing throgh continuous technical and technological innovation。



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