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Shanghai Nabtesco Hydraulic Co., Ltd

Established in March 1996, Shanghai Nabtesco Hydraulic Co., Ltd. was invested jointly by Shanghai Electric Hydraulics& Pneumatics Co., Ltd. (SEHPC), Japan Nabtesco Co., Ltd., Japan Komatsu and Japan Kyoeishoji Co., Ltd., in order to introduce the world's leading technologies of Japanese Nabtesco reducer/motor integration and to jointly develop the Chinese market. In this joint venture, SEHPC owns 30% of the shares, while Japan Nabtesco Co., Ltd owns 51%, Japan Komatsu 15%, and Japan Kyoeishoji 4%.


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The company specializes in the production of running gear used for supporting crawler machinery. Now it mainly provides GM35 (20-ton), GM18 (10 ~ 13 tons), GM09 (6 ~ 8 ton), and other products, with an annual capacity of 40,000 units. In China, Shanghai Nabtesco Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has more than 30% of the market share, but among the domestic enterprises, it takes more than 70%. Since the application of the technology on the cycloid reduction gear reducer, those products have a more compact construction, more impact resistance, better rotation precision and a longer life.

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