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Shanghai Electric Hydraulic and Pneumatics Co.,Ltd Hydraulic Complete Equipment Branch

In recent years, along with the expansion of market demands and the continuous growth of this industry, customers have constantly raised new demands for hydraulic integration. Presently, this company makes good use of its forty-years experience in hydraulic components and systems and the team of highly qualified technical workers, to actively develop various kinds of sets of hydraulic systems business, and found a hydraulic kit branch-factory.

Now we have built the plant of nearly 4000m2, with the ability to design, develop and manufacture all kinds of the hydraulic control system, lubrication system and electro-hydraulic integration hydraulic system. The new products under development, such as wind power hydraulic servo control systems, lubrication systems and others are ready for batch production, and are well received by the customers in the market.


In 2013, the company introduced concrete mixer reducer of a foreign well-known brand, including tangible assets, like production line, measuring fixtures and other; and intangible assets including technical information, technology, know-hows, patents, training, suppliers and customer resources。 We will complete the Production Part Approval Process after the transfer of the assembly line according to PPAP process, to ensure the quality of the production process。




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